The Cures Act is here. Is your Medicare Advantage plan protected?

The risks to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are significant.


End stage renal disease (ESRD) members are six to seven times more costly than non-ESRD members


MA plans can expect to see ESRD claims increase from 5% of total claims to 20% as a result of the Cures Act


MA plans see an average of 112% medical loss ratio for each ESRD member


CMS has doubled its ESRD patient enrollment projections for 2021–2022

Source: Wakely Report

Our technology-enabled solution emphasizes early detection, slowing disease progression, and planned care transitions.
Healthmap Solutions

IDENTIFICATION AND EARLY DETECTION We identify those at risk and seek to intervene early with clinically proven, industry accepted, and evidence-based personalized healthy action plans to delay or slow disease progression.

PATIENT EMPOWERMENT We help patients understand their condition and adhere to their treatment plan. Through ongoing patient and caregiver support, education, and provider communication, we work with patients to optimize their kidney care.

CLINICAL SUPPORT We support the provider’s Plan of Care with up-to-date data, actionable information, and clinically proven care recommendations. This empowers providers to make the most optimal care decisions for their patients.

PLANNED AND OPTIMIZED RENAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY We seek to support planned, clinically appropriate, and seamless care transitions, which may include in-home dialysis or transplant.

Healthmap’s KHM program delivers value-based results, improved outcomes, enhanced member experience and quality of life for those living with ESRD.

The road to better kidney health management starts with Healthmap Solutions.