Our Vision

We enable people with kidney disease to experience their unique life journey without letting their disease define them.

Our Mission

To improve care and lower costs for kidney patients. We do this by using our technology platform to fuel a meaningful partnership among kidney patients, providers and our own clinical team, resulting in individualized and coordinated care.

Healthmap Solutions

Our Values:

RESULTS-DRIVEN: All actions are taken to achieve a desired measurable outcome; we will change course if that outcome is not achieved to continuously improve our business

INNOVATIVE: We are creative problem solvers who take calculated risks to optimize outcomes for multiple stakeholders, while appreciating that healthcare is both a business and a calling

ACCOUNTABLE: It is our responsibility to deliver value to payers, providers, patients and our own team

COLLABORATIVE: We work with stakeholders to create solutions that are highly effective and considerate of their wants and needs

COMPASSIONATE: We make a difference in people’s lives by treating all people the way we want to be treated—with dignity, respect and empathy

DIVERSITY: We are committed to hiring a diverse workforce to create an environment of innovative ideas and opportunity. At Healthmap, women make up 75% of our workforce and minorities 44%, and we’re committed to improving these numbers.

The road to better kidney health management starts with Healthmap Solutions.