We’re your health map to better kidney solutions

The most advanced technology, predictive data, and unmatched clinical and complex care management expertise to map each person’s individual kidney health journey.

Providing clinical, financial, and service excellence through: 

  • EARLY identification
  • SLOWING disease progression
  • PLANNED dialysis starts
  • OPTIMIZING renal replacement therapy (RRT)
  • REDUCTION of emergency department admissions and readmissions
Healthmap improves the lives of kidney patients, achieves better clinical outcomes, and works to deliver the results our health plans, providers, and patients expect. 
Healthmap Solutions
  • Lower total cost of care and improved outcomes
  • Slowing the progression of the disease
  • Well-planned care transitions that seek to avoid “crashes” into dialysis
  • Optimizing renal replacement therapy by emphasizing in-home dialysis, transplant, and conservative care, as appropriate
  • Reduction in avoidable emergency department visits and inpatient hospitalizations

The road to better kidney health management starts with Healthmap Solutions.